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We offer satisfaction at its fullest. The work we do is the perfect example of how a digital agency should operate when at its fullest. Our every service given to our customer is revised and experimented for more than a 100 time to make sure that they are satisfied.

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Our Well Defined Animation Process Ensures Your Project Completion with satisfaction and promptly!

Character Animations

We utilize various different characters 3D and 2D features to explain your message in a video. Our team utilize the idea of real interface and put in more impressive feels. 3D Character Animation Services is a specialized area of the 3D animation process which involves bringing animated characters to life. Our senior 3D character animators are seasoned animators that can create realistic characters to be used in different kinds of animations.

2D Animations

Most explainer video companies create 2D character animation by sliding, rotating, and replacing limbs and facial features. While this puppeting technique can have charm if done well, it usually lacks the fluidity and appeal of traditional, frame-by-frame animation that has been passed down to us by various customers. Thrive Next is one of the few animation companies that also employ the traditional technique of frame-by-frame character animation.

3D Animations

Animations go beyond 2-D vector images and flat illustrations. Our motion graphics team is are trained in the latest 3-D and hybrid video technologies, allowing your brand to tap into new levels of multimedia sophistication. Fuse the strength of live action video with animations (hybrid) for additional layers of branding, product support and annotated emphasis. Or, build entire worlds from scratch with highly detailed 3-D video renderings.

Explainer Videos

We integrate a live video footage with different elements that are tracked to the video. Our team brings the idea of real interaction and a more immersive feel for your video. Animations that quickly and effectively explain information helps your audience retain information and understand your brand. Using words alone asks too much of viewers, and that’s why we develop explainer videos that are instructional and direct.

Motion graphics

We produce inspiring, inventive 2D and 3D infographic videos focused on your business goals treating every job with the same high level of care and attention whatever the budget. Motion Graphics is animation that uses shapes and text in dynamic ways to help bring stories and concepts to life. Our state-of-the-art equipment and software would mean nothing without our talented team going above and beyond to deliver perfection.

Whiteboard Animations

We use different concepts and ideas to explain what you desire with our whiteboard animations. Our team brings the idea of real interaction and a more immersive feel for your video. It’s a technique that goes by many names – whiteboard video, RSA-style, video scribing, fast draw, and sketchboard animation, among them – but there’s no doubt about its popularity. Watching a hand draw an illustration – so that the art is revealed as it is created.

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How We Do It

Strategic Concepts

The team at Thrive Next is responsible to deliver the best and most appealing work which no one has ever produced. We start from the scratch and deliver to the fullest. We develop unmatched strategies for your business success.

Brainstorming For Ideas

We brainstorm each concept vigorously to generate the most unique ideas ensuring that that creativity and innovation are not compromised. Our work is based upon the imagination and decision making of industry specialists on board.

Trial & Error

Before we finalize any strategy, we run it through multiple tests to ensure it is safe and as unique as we want it to be for you. Our utmost objective is to give each customer the satisfaction they are looking for.

Countless Revisions

We believe in developing prototypes. We never launch our services in the market unless we run it through multiple tests. We assure flexibility and scalability in our work with unlimited revisions before launching our respective service.

Processing For Outcomes

Our final product is an outcome of a rigorous process of designing, development, payment and delivery. Our customers’ get 24/7 thorough support from our qualified representatives to cater every need and requirement. Our aim is your 100% satisfaction.

Pre-Launch Marketing

Our Pre-Launch service will bring just the right message for your intended audience. We make sure that you already capture a larger part of the market before even your product or service is launched in the market.

Post-Launch Marketing

The foremost goal of any digital agency is to execute a rigorous and successful post launch marketing strategy. Our post launch services will help you connect with the target audience and will mark your success.